Your View: Vouchers challenge public schools to get better

Feb. 19, 2013 @ 08:12 PM

What makes Richard York (Your View, Feb. 8, “Maybe there is benefit in legislative action”) think the public education system is not destroyed already?
The SAT tests were dumbed down twice in the last 20 years. The SAT scores in North Carolina dropped six points in 2011 and eight more points in 2012. We spend over $13,000 per student K-12 in Randolph County and even more in Guilford. We have high school graduates that cannot read or write, and for goodness sake, don’t let them near a cash register without the auto change function.
There are no evaluations of curriculum, which our elected school board is responsible for. You need to take time and read the convoluted mess in our history and science books. Our math scores are in the toilet. Worldwide, for the last 80 years, enrollment in engineering courses has averaged approximately 45 percent. It is still 45 percent worldwide today except the USA, where it has dropped to 8 percent.
The bottom line problem is, a hand full of people in Washington/United Nations are in control of our education system, when the taxpayers of the individual counties should have control. You need to do a deep analysis of the “Common Core” curriculum that is on its way into our school system!
Vouchers will open crucial avenues of competition needed to awaken the inept system we call public instruction.

Don’t deny taxpayers use of rec centers
I read with great interest the letter of Karen Beck (Your View, Feb. 8) on being asked to leave a parks and rec center. She is not alone. Apparently all taxpayer funded (and staff paid with tax dollars) centers are “open” at the whim of staff or “policy” and not by using a little common sense.
I, too, was denied access to use of a rec center (Oakview) on an afternoon in January. I had taken my 7-year-old there after school to shoot some baskets. We were told the gym wasn’t open because they had an all-day program going. Other than the “employee,” guess how many people were in the rec center?  NONE. Not one. Nobody. But we couldn’t use the gym. There were no cars in the parking lot either. Ridiculous. My tax dollars at work!
High Point has a great parks and rec department with some awesome facilities and some very dedicated staff. But denying taxpayers use of vacant facilities they pay for?  I’m sure Beck and I are not alone in being treated this way. Just another example of the new “government knows best” mindset. Taxpayers wake up!
High Point


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