Your View: Try democracy in selecting new pope

Feb. 18, 2013 @ 09:00 PM

As a supporter of term limits, I would like to commend Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger, for resigning. History shows that popes and kings usually stay in power until the very end.
The pope should resign because of all the child abuse scandals. In fact, I don’t think that he should have become pope because he was a member of the Hitler Youth during World War II.
Now the “Princes of the Church,’’ the cardinals, will choose the next pope. I would like the cardinals to try something different. I would like them to try democracy.
Imagine if all Roman Catholics could vote for the next pope. Imagine if all Catholics could run for pope. Wouldn’t that be cool? Unfortunately, I don’t know of any churches that elect their leaders.
By the way, how come a woman can’t become pope?

Trinity Council members have minds made up
This is in response to Jack Carico’s Feb. 7 letter (“Trinity writer should explain his assertions” in response to a Jan. 25 letter by Phillip Chadwell).  I would be happy to name the councilwoman who allegedly “misrepresented” the two citizens who were trying to return to the Parks and Recreation Committee for their second term.  The councilwoman was Debbie Frazier.  She called me, and I felt mislead by her saying I would be good on the Christmas Committee, knowing I had already applied for my second term on Parks and Recreation. Our telephone conversation was between Frazier and me. You can ask her for further details.
As far as the reference to three Council members, ask Linda Ghant that question.  She brought that up at the Council meeting, saying she did not want to come off of the Personnel Committee. I believe that was at a Council meeting that Carico missed.
As for the reference to Council members coming to the meetings with their minds already made up.  That is very obvious. Carico must be the only one that does not see it.  When four Council members come in, each with a sheet of paper already with a paragraph highlighted and pull them out at the same time ... what do you think?
So, I think Phillip Chadwell was accurate when he said “attend Council meetings to get the full story.” Every question Carico asked was answered at the meeting he missed. As far as Chadwell not naming any names, Carico would have known who he was talking about had he been there.
The writer lives in Trinity city limits.


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