Your View: Oil companies’ higher prices will do them in

Feb. 18, 2013 @ 03:13 AM

Most Americans are acutely aware of the recent spike in gasoline prices at the pump, and many are asking why?  It has now been revealed that American oil companies have sharply reduced oil imports and expanded U.S. oil exports abroad.
While this fattens the profit of greedy oil companies, it is a blow to struggling Americans now facing larger gas prices at the pump. 
Oil companies are digging their own grave. Higher prices at the pump will encourage the introduction of all-electric vehicles (PEV) and the development of infrastructure to permit recharging across the country.  If hybrid vehicles have currently reduced the dependence on oil, wait until PEVs hit the road!
High Point

Fox News, talk radio aim for Obama’s demise
America has allowed the wolf (Fox News Nation) in sheep’s clothing to continue its lies through deceit. The fair and balanced, we-report-you-decide concept, reduces the conscience of a man to the senselessness of his right judgments. These men and women present themselves as constitutional experts without justifiable evidence, as they lie to you, they believe their own lie.
Shepard Smith is the only employee of Fox that tries to tell truth as presented, without spinning or deceiving your decision making. They continue to “huff” and “puff” deceitful damage and out of control winds of indoctrinated wishful and hopeful demise of President Obama. Fox and talk radio “Rush” to judgment for people to consider the president as everything wrong and nothing right, even though his policies mirror the same as theirs.
The forefathers did not ever imagine any man or woman other than a white (Caucasian) man becoming president, Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, or any leadership position in the U.S.A. The forefathers did not know or were unable to see (foresight) the future intelligence of technology which produces equality for all men, if only it is allowed to be given (manifested). This is why the Constitution is flawed and unjustified when it suggests all men are created (treated) equal, fair and just.
Although there is murder, killing, poverty and slavery, etc., noted in the Bible, it is not justified by the Bible or God. Justification from Gospel preachers and Christians has allowed “godlessness” to pull our nation into a pit-fall of gossip. When a nation is empowered by man’s law (constitution) rather than God’s law (Jesus Christ), it has already fallen. The Word of God (Bible) cannot be amended to appease, satisfy or justify man’s wrong. The Word of God, who is “Jesus Christ,” is “the only” absolute justifiable right!

Expect trillion-dollar deficits to continue
Well, it is official: the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has forecast a drop in the 2013 budget deficit to $845 billion. The first under a TRILLION of the Obama years. Their forecast is based upon the massive tax increase on the wealthy ushered in by the “fiscal cliff” solution.
Of course, the CBO never estimates consumer behavior and the fact that the rich always adjust their finances accordingly and the government usually gets about half of what they project. Isn’t is amazing that the government assumes everyone is stupid. The CBO projects GDP growth of a paltry 1.4 percent this year, but then a Lazarus-like Obama turn-around to 3.6 percent forever after.
What a fantasy land these people live in inside the beltway. But, what do you expect? They still believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus! Conclusion – expect trillion-dollar deficits to continue as the Obama/Reid/Pelosi welfare machine rolls on unabated.
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