Your View: Same crowd isn’t going to fix problems

Dec. 01, 2012 @ 01:06 AM

Someone once told me a good definition of “insanity” was doing the same thing over and over in exactly the same way and expecting it to turn out differently each time. If you believe this definition, and I do, then a good part of the people in High Point and the country are insane.
Because on Election Day they sent a lot of the same people back to office. To do exactly what they have been doing – nothing for anyone but themselves.
If you think the outcome will be different this time, then to quote the great Betty Davis, “fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” Right over that cliff we have been heading over for years with these same people in charge.
It will be more of, or in most cases less of, most things we need and more of the same problems – being ignored by the same people.
High Point

Our climate heats up, cools down
In the Your View letter Nov. 16, James Corey did not do a lot of research to come up with his view on global warming. If he had, he would have found out that the cost of electricity is going to be higher than gasoline. Plus, more power plants causing more warming than gas-powered cars.
That, of course, doesn’t mean that there is such a thing as global warming. I have seen our climate heat up and cool down many time in my lifetimes. The  bottom line is this: God designed the Earth to last as long as He wanted it to.
We are not greater than God. He knew in the beginning how many people would be alive today, how many cars would be on the road, how much oil and gas we would need. It won’t run out until He sets up His kingdom on this Earth. He won’t allow us to destroy His creation. He has reserved that privilege for Himself. What a peace to know that He is in control of this world.



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