Your View: Buying a handgun is no simple process

Apr. 16, 2013 @ 07:42 PM

As someone who had previously never purchased nor owned a firearm, my recent experience in actually buying a weapon greatly conflicts with what I had been led to believe by most media reports, would be a quick and easy process.
Attempting to buy nothing more than a single-shot revolver, a local dealer informed me that I would have to obtain a permit from my local sheriff’s department before he could sell me the firearm.
Obtaining the permit was not difficult, but was thorough and took some time. The sheriff’s department completed a background check, and several days later I was informed that I could come pick up my permit. At that point, I presented the permit to the dealer, who had me fill out several pages of paperwork, something called a Federal Firearms Transaction form. I was informed that any false information I might include on the form would constitute a felony. Afterwards, the dealer called the FBI to perform an additional background check. Clearing that, I was allowed to buy the firearm.
It occurs to me that the last car I bought was a far easier and quicker process than buying a firearm was.

Say no to corporate patents for DNA
Sometime this year the Supreme Court will decide if corporations can patent DNA. If God exists, shouldn’t He “own’’ our DNA? If evolution is real, shouldn’t DNA be part of the public domain?
Either way, I don’t think that any corporation should be allowed to patent DNA, genes, cells, seeds, or any part of a living thing. I thought that slavery was illegal in our country.

In response to a Your View letter Saturday by Mike Robertson, Jerry Sturgis informs the Enterprise that he has never written a letter to the editor in which he criticized Tuck Barber of Trinity.


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