Your View: Series brought ‘The Bible’ to new generation

Apr. 18, 2013 @ 04:31 PM

WOW! What a historic TV event the History Channel’s broadcast of “The Bible” was. It is estimated that 100 million Americans tuned into at least one episode of the five-part series. My wife and I were glued to the TV and did not miss one minute.
In the past, according to Phil Cook, Ph.D. in theology, Hollywood and the liberal networks have produced shows like “Did Jesus Secretly Marry Mary Magdalene?” or “Was Jesus Gay?” The liberal media and secular progressives have thought the Bible was just fables and myths and why should anyone care or they thought the Bible was being eradicated from American culture. How wrong they were.
Jonathan Bock, a key member of the marketing team that promoted the series pointed out three important keys why the “The Bible” has been such a huge success. First, it’s popular because it’s agenda free. Second, it’s poplar because it’s unifying. Third, it’s poplar because not only does each episode have a compelling story arc, but the entire series tells the meta-narrative of God and how he deals with humanity.
The producers of this production very wisely had more than 40 scholars, theologians and pastors from the entire spectrum of Christianity involved in advising the production. It was designed to appeal to the wide range of Christians, not divide the audience.
“The Bible” mini-series is an inspiring, top-notch production that will resonate for generations to come. Successfully telling the love story between man and God in such a vibrant way and cinematic way was desperately needed per
We live in a nation that has pretty much forgotten the Bible’s impact on Western culture. This Bible series should help a lot to educate the youth, adults and bring attention to the greatest book ever written.



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