Your View: Facts don’t support Dupuy’s view of Obamacare

Nov. 21, 2012 @ 01:04 AM

I admit I just starting reading my “community newspaper,” so maybe “award-winning” author Tina Dupuy has written many fabulous well-founded articles, but last Saturday’s “Obamacare” ranting was definitely not one of them.
Now, we can all agree health care accessibility and affordability need reform, and we can respectfully debate and disagree on the how to get there. But we must be honest with the facts. No. 1 – Dupuy quotes the Kaiser Family Foundation in support of her contention that Obamacare is suddenly “popular” and I quote, that the “people like it and have developed a taste for it.”
Well, actually the Kaiser Survey shows that only 49 percent of Americans today favor keeping the law as it is. That’s just 2 percent above the number obtained after the bill’s controversial passage two years ago! That hardly serves to support the contention of a sudden growth in “popularity.” And don’t forget, over a third of our states and many businesses are in litigation with many of the legal issues buried inside the 2,700 pages of this massive bill.
And no, the Supreme Court did not as Dupuy stated “hold up” Obamacare. It simply ruled, 5-4, that the individual mandate was constitutional in that it was within the taxing powers of the federal government, even though we were told repeatedly by our president and by our Senate leaders that “it was not a tax.” Because that mandate survived, the court did not have to rule on other parts of the statue, except for some minor provisions regarding states’ compliance with new Medicaid eligibility requirements.
I shouldn’t be surprised at this misrepresentation, for later Dupuy claims this to be “Obama’s America.” Nothing could be further from the truth. First, Obama garnered but a 3 million plurality out of 120 million votes cast. Hardly a mandate even most liberals agree.
Secondly and more importantly, no president of either party “owns” America. We, the people, own this country and the more we listen to those who would transfer the control and ownership of our destiny to any federal power or any one person, the less we resemble the America our forefathers envisioned. And I say to Dupuy, no, you don’t have to be, in her words, an “old white southerner” to still believe in that America.

Councilman Moore attended Veterans Day Parade
In his letter last Sunday, Richard Wood said he was embarrassed to see that only one member of High Point’s City Council was on the reviewing stand during the Veterans Day Parade.  His personal embarrassment at the absence of local City Council members may be well-founded, yet he failed to acknowledge the member of City Council who was able to be present, Britt W. Moore (current and elect).  Moore continues to express his love and pride for this city, sense of history and respect for our community. It is something he does every day.
High Point



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