Your View: Why isn’t Obama calling himself unpatriotic?

Dec. 15, 2012 @ 12:29 AM

I did not read the letter Robert Barnett (Your View, Dec. 6., “Obama won because he deserved re-election”) was referring too, but he has his facts wrong. Under President Bush the job loss was 700,000 per month for a period of time. For a period time, President Obama has had comparable job losses.
Regarding Obama helping out the motor industry, he was really helping the UAW Union. If the motor industry had gone through bankruptcy like the air line industry did, they could have renegotiated their contract with the union and they would still have survived  We have a two-party system so they have to negotiate what is happening to the country. President Obama is so self-opinionated he refuses to go along with the compromise made by the House, even though he himself suggested this last year.
Also regarding the debt ceiling, Obama stood up and stated the Bush was unpatriotic for raising the debt ceiling, if he believed that then, why does he not apply the same condemnation to himself. We should have been trying to live within our means. When the debt ceiling was last increased, he never tried to restrict spending so he is going to be unpatriotic again and ask the GOP to raise the debt ceiling once more.
In fact, he is the most arrogant president we have had. He wants to be able to raise the debt ceiling without going through Congress. He should remember he is a president not a dictator.  Personally, I think we should go over the cliff and the debt ceiling should not be raised. Then Americans would have to stand up and solve the problems created by government.

Consider providing child permanent, stable home
Following on the heels of November, Adoption Awareness Month, is December, the month in which Americans open their hearts even wider to cherish and celebrate the importance of a loving family, a true gift from our Heavenly Father. It is so evident that God embraces the family structure.
However, there are many foster children today who live daily without the reality of a permanent home. That is not to say that these kids do not live in loving foster homes with caring foster parents. But those foster parents who do not wish to adopt provide temporary care, not permanent homes. Permanent, stable, “you can always depend on me,” forever homes are the desire of most children’s hearts. A permanent home says, “someone wants and loves me no matter what.”
There are different ways to serve these young ones.  First of all, if you or someone you know, married or single, is able to open heart and home to fulfill their wish for a loving, forever family, please contact the Guilford County Department of Social Services at 336-641-7771 and ask for the adoption case workers. Another good starting place is the information given on the Adopt US Kids/North Carolina website.
Second, whenever possible, make others aware of the extreme need for permanent homes for foster children. 
Third, monetary donations are always needed to assist in the recruitment of adoptive homes.
Finally, consider becoming a Guardian ad Litem volunteer. Go to for information or call the High Point office at 336-822-6789.  There are currently a record number of children in foster care and each of them deserves a representative voice. Would you speak for the foster children in one or more of these ways?