Your View: President, Democrats — please do your jobs

Apr. 08, 2013 @ 02:04 AM

I cannot believe that this president and the tax-and-spend Democrats have the nerve to tell all Americans that because of the budget cuts, there will not be any tours of the people’s White House.
I think I can solve this problem. Just rent out the rooms in the White House and that will pay for them to give the tours. After all, the president does not stay there much.
We, as Americans, should demand that the Democrats and this president pass a budget — something that they have not done in four years — and if they can’t, then stop paying them until they do.
Please, Democrats, stop trying to put fear in all the people just because you can’t do your job.

Foxx’s SKILLS Act rests with Senate
I am pleased to report to the people of High Point that the House of Representatives voted recently to approve the SKILLS Act, legislation I authored to make federal workforce education programs more responsive to North Carolina job seekers and accountable to taxpayers.
The SKILLS Act recognizes that North Carolina’s state leaders and local workforce boards know more than the “suits” in Washington about what it takes to be competitive for local jobs.  The SKILLS Act will eliminate 19 mandates that micromanage workforce boards, and grant local discretion to ensure that job seekers are served as individuals.
Since taxpayer dollars and jobseekers’ time are at stake, the SKILLS Act will put forth an accountability standard for weighing the effectiveness of workforce development programs. No worker or taxpayer should continue to be shortchanged by a broken system.
The status quo is not an option.
The Senate should approve the SKILLS Act without delay.
The writer represents North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.



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