Your View: ‘Nanny’ state has no business requiring helmets

Apr. 02, 2013 @ 08:58 PM

I’m disappointed in The High Point Enterprise. Last Friday, in the “Our View” column, the Enterprise gave a “Thumbs Down” to the efforts in North Carolina to remove the helmet requirement for riding a motorcycle. Is this not a sad example of how the newspaper industry, even at the local level, has fundamentally changed from being the “watch dog and protector” of citizens rights to supporting BIG “nanny government’s” desire for control over its citizens?
The Enterprise referenced a recent unnamed news report with a questionable interpretation of the statistics stating the likelihood helmets reduce motorcyclist deaths by 37 percent. ... The likelihood? Then closes the statement with … “And it stands to reason that helmets reduce the likelihood of a serious injury occurring too.”
With all due respect … No it does NOT stand to reason. One would need to be educated in biomechanics to begin to understand the forces a helmet on a person’s head does in an impact situation. Helmets are heavy and the human neck is a fragile structure.
One of NASCAR’s greatest drivers Dale Earnhardt died in a crash due to a broken neck suspected to be a result of his “unsupported” helmet. Today NASCAR drivers wear a HANS device to support their necks from the weight of their helmet in a crash.
Both sides of this issue can state statistics all day presented in a manner to support their opinion, but at the end of the day, there are two indisputable facts. ... First, 57 percent of motorcycle fatalities from 2008 to 2012 were wearing helmets. If helmets save lives, why were they fatalities? Secondly ... and more important ... the state of North Carolina has NO constitutional right to require anyone to wear something on their own body ... period.

Americans are losing moral values
We can judge same-sex marriage all we want to. The bottom line is this: More and more people are turning against what made this country great — moral values. Parents are turning their children from God’s word.
We are seeing Satan in action as he slowly destroys people by attacking their minds through greed. Also, he’s seen through politicians using power to gain control of votes.
How could this have happened? The same as it did in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.
To push this lifestyle on our young children who are at a vulnerable age is a new low. You will only smack God’s face for so long before he turns the other cheek to your ignorance.
Read what God did in the Bible to those who pushed him too far. Why do you think he won’t do it in this day?



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