Your View: $350 is reasonable unemployment safety net

Mar. 09, 2013 @ 02:03 AM

I hate to wake up each morning with a nauseating feeling after reading the opinion page of the Enterprise. I honestly did not believe we have so many bleeding heart, left-wingers in this community. Sometimes I’m actually frightened!
The outcry from the Left on cutting unemployment benefits has been incredible. First I believe we need an unemployment safety net. But why pay people $535/week in benefits when we only pay starting teachers $592/week for a very important job?  I believe the new $350/week rate is adequate and is ABOVE the state minimum wage which a lot of people who WORK get.  This should be adequate even for the most liberal Democrat out there.
The problem liberals have is that they have no concept of human nature. Would a person sit at home and collect benefits rather than work? You better believe it, if the benefit is high enough. The classic example is the “Lifeline Assistance” program which provides free cell phones and service to low-income folks (less than $16,335/year).
After the government required the phone companies to collect proof of income, the number of Lifeline users has dropped 40 percent in many areas. Did these people die? No they lied. Liberals just don’t get that. If you make the free benefit too attractive, people will lie, steal and cheat. Sorry liberals, but it is true.
High Point

Obama, pastors choose money over God’s word
We all know times are tough. Some pastors are so desperate for money they are disrespecting God’s word. Doesn’t that remind you of President Obama when the gays threatened to cut off his campaign money? This is a new low this country has dropped into.
Pastors don’t want to lose money or disrespect their listeners (especially who send money). Yet, they have no problem with disrespecting God’s word. No matter how well things get here, we have let our country go in a dangerous direction morally.
Common sense that God gave us tells all that use it that we are doing a terrible injustice to God’s word. When our pastors turn on God’s word for money, we are going to feel the wrath that all countries who have thrown him out have felt.
No true person of God voted for a man who denied his word. If this bothers you, good! If it doesn’t bother you, it means God can’t get through to you. Money is your new god.


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