Your View: Our real fiscal problem isn’t ‘the cliff’

Jan. 09, 2013 @ 03:51 AM

So the useless Congress and the even-more-useless president have reached a “deal” on the fiscal cliff.  How, exactly, does their “deal” solve the following problem?  The Senate budget committee says welfare spending per day per household in poverty is $168, which is higher than the $137 median income per day of working households.
That is our real “fiscal cliff.” How long can any society survive when those not working and contributing, are given more than those working to support them? Add to that the fact that we are now borrowing almost half of every dollar we spend. It would seem that even the most dim-witted among us would conclude that just “might” be a recipe for disaster.
I’ve oft contended that the greatest threat to the non-ruling class segment of this country is the corrupt, out of control, behemoth government that poses a greater threat to our survival than al-Qaida, Russia, China, Iran and N. Korea combined. This government is close to accomplishing what communism, Marxism, fascism, and Japanese imperialism all failed to do. Bring down the United States, and without firing a single shot!
The best way to bring down a country is to destroy the economy. Al-Qaida tried on 9/11, but failed. We recovered from that attempt, but may never recover from our current fiscal woes. And in the face of impending financial disaster, our useless government has been unable, or unwilling, for two full years to come up with a solution to our impending fiscal Armageddon,
To insure proper action, the consequences of not acting were made so draconian that it would be unthinkable, for even these fools, to not act. But we’ve discovered that it’s impossible to underestimate the incompetence of our elected “leaders.”
What more instructive “deal” could we have expected other than to postpone Armageddon for an additional two months!
High Point

Residents celebrate three years of smoke-free air
North Carolina’s Smoke-Free Restaurants and Bars Law was three years old Jan. 2.  Residents of Guilford County and our state have enjoyed three years of restaurants and bars serving what they ordered without the health hazards of tobacco smoke.
“Thanks from the bottom of our lungs to all those who help create a healthier smoke-free environment for North Carolinians and visitors dining in our great state,” said Merle Green, Guilford County Health Director. “The smoke-free law protects workers and customers from the known health hazards of secondhand smoke, has improved indoor air quality, prevented heart attacks and saved health care dollars.”
The Department of Public Health invites you to celebrate this month by dining out and taking the opportunity to thank your favorite restaurant or bar owner for their support in making North Carolina and healthier place to live.
For more information, visit or contact the Mary Gillett, Tobacco Prevention Coordinator, Guilford County Department of Public Health, at 336-641-6000 or
The writer is community health educator for Guilford County Department of Public Health.



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• The fiscal cliff was designed as the first step in returning to sound financial practices. Now that it has been averted, we are back on the road to certain bankruptcy.