Your View: Incorporate Allen Jay in academy name

Jan. 06, 2013 @ 02:54 AM

Today I write to propose the name “Allen Jay Preparatory Academy” for the new magnet middle school located on Fairfield Road in High Point.  I do so to honor the memory and legacy of Allen Jay (1831-1910), a great educator and activist who made his home in High Point for a period of his life after the Civil War.
Allen Jay established many schools of all levels, from colleges to elementary schools, worked on the Underground Railroad in order to help free slaves before and during the Civil War, and helped to rebuild many sections of the country following that conflict.  By all accounts, he was a man of unimpeachable fine character, and a role model for the ages.
The information here is but a thumbnail of what is available in standard history texts and on the Internet.
Additionally, the school that has stood on the location of the new magnet school has traditionally been called Allen Jay School, and is a strong symbol of community identity. I am a 1969 graduate of Allen Jay High School and wish to join all those who ask the Guilford County Board of Education for its consideration in continuing to honor this great man and continuing this symbol of community identity. I trust that my voice will be heard among others in this request.
New York
The writer is a member of the faculty at Manhattan School of Music, New York City, and The Music Academy of the West, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Keep community identity in school
By all means, Allen Jay should be included in the name of the new school at the Allen Jay High School facility. It is on Allen Jay Road in the Allen Jay community.
• Allen Jay Academy.
• Allen Jay Center for Learning.
We look forward to the big school, once again, being used for the purpose in which it was intended by Allen Jay. The Allen Jay alumni society does support Allen Jay Elementary School, aka — the little school.
Old Jaybirds are still soaring!
High Point



The Guilford County Board of Education is considering renaming Allen Jay Middle School when a new magnet facility opens there. Should the school be renamed? What name would you suggest? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to Here are six responses:
• Please keep the Allen Jay name on the new magnet school. The high school has been gone for years, yet Allen Jay pride and tradition remains strong. Leave our name!
• Allen Jay Preparatory Academy — a good name for the former high school/middle school campus.  High Point should never forget Allen Jay’s contributions to education in our area.
• I believe the Allen Jay name should be a part of the new school name. I suggest Allen Jay Academy or Allen Jay Specialty School. GO JAYBIRDS!
• I see no reason to change the name from Allen Jay.  It will eliminate a lot of work and we would really appreciate it.
• Please keep Allen Jay in the name of the school. This not only honors the history of the community, but also the educator.
• I grew up in the Allen Jay community as it is known ... so it’s hard to imagine the school we all knew being called anything other than Allen Jay. I say keep it at that.