Your View: Here’s a solution to the debt ceiling issue

Jan. 20, 2013 @ 12:56 AM

The president said it again. If we don’t raise the debt ceiling  “We won’t be able to send out Social Security checks, cover Medicare costs or pay veteran’s benefits.” He knows this generates the most fear.
Don’t raise it.
My suggestion for priorities: If there’s not enough money to go around, let’s suspend payments in the following order:
1. Hold the presidential salary.
2. Suspend White House expenses (vacations etc.).
3. Ground Air Force One (He needs to stay on the job anyway).
4 Suspend congressional salaries.
5. Suspend congressional staff salaries.
6. Suspend all Cabinet level offices and staff salaries.
7. Suspend all foreign aid.
8. Suspend all EPA expenditures.
9. Suspend all federal grants to universities.
This might not be enough to fix the problem, but I’d bet the problem would get fixed quickly!

Children need flu immunizations
Twenty children were brutally shot and killed while at school. The country is divided over how to attempt to prevent such tragedies. Mental health and gun control issues are complicated. What is not complicated is how to save the lives of the roughly 100 children who die each year from the flu (20 so far this winter; all statistics are from Jan. 16 Enterprise).
Require flu shots for school attendance just as we require certain immunizations, with exemptions for religious beliefs. These 100 lives are as valuable as the lives taken by an alleged madman with a gun.
High Point



What do you think of President Obama’s actions and proposals regarding gun control issues? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to Here is one response:
• Obama’s proposals will not reduce violence. The problem is judicial. We need swift justice, execute these shooters before they get to jail if there is proof that they are guilty.

Some studies say violence-themed video games and movies can desensitize us to violence while other studies say that is not so. What’s your view? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to
• Absolutely! People who are not well-grounded can be influenced by anything violent that they are exposed to repeatedly. It becomes the norm. Romanticizing guns can do the same thing.

Guilford County officials are considering revaluing property for tax purposes every four or five years instead of every eight years. What do you think? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to