Your View: Try common-sense gun control measures

Jan. 18, 2013 @ 01:39 AM

So now the Obama administration wants more gun control?
This is the same bunch who violated existing gun control laws, using blatant “straw” (third party) purchases to intentionally send over 2,000 guns to the drug cartels in Mexico.  Dozens of Mexican citizens and at least one U.S. Border Patrol agent were killed with these weapons; when the story broke and Congress tried to investigate, Attorney General Holder and Barack Obama hid behind “executive privilege.” If these were two ordinary citizens, they’d be jailed until they told us what really happened.
And the same bunch who, on a live satellite feed from Benghazi, watched four American citizens under fire, over a seven-hour period, being murdered without lifting a finger to help them.  And now we’re supposed to trust them to “regulate” (read take) our guns and then count on them to protect us?  Sorry, I was born at night, but not last night!
Two common-sense things that can be done to help keep guns out of criminal hands: first, prosecute straw purchasers.  Every time a convicted felon is caught with a gun, unless it was reported stolen, track down and prosecute the rightful owner and charge them as an accessory.  This would stop people from illegally selling guns or trading them for drugs.  Second, extend the government background check to rifles and shotguns; is there a logical reason why are criminals not screened to prevent these purchases now?
Having said this, realize that with an estimated 310 million firearms currently in the hands of the American public, the “cow is already out of the barn.”  Liberals, like it or not, the NRA is right: Armed school resource officers and concealed carry permit holders are the best means of preventing future mass killings.
Editor’s note: This letter was submitted before President Obama’s actions on gun control on Wednesday.


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