Your View: Admitting, apologizing for slavery is in order

Jan. 02, 2013 @ 12:31 AM

Listening to one of many remarkable talk shows on PBS the day after Christmas, I was struck by the intellectual empathetic expressions of the moderator and guest, both studio and telephone call-ins.
The subject was art — art depicting slavery and Civil War images.  The discussion covered a wide range of depictions, many of which were humans – from lonely individual slaves to dead Civil War soldiers, both Southern Confederate and Northern Union.
Some of the descriptions were intended to be complementary exemplifying personal strength.  Some spoke of so-called considerate slave owners or Confederate military soldiers, and to those descriptions I was most appalled for no slave owner or soldier fighting to enslave other humans should be viewed as considerate.
Slavery and/or the cause of the Civil War are the most damnable institutions ever perpetrated in this country. Being allied with anything commendable is a continued assault on the divinity of God and the dignity of Afro-American victims.
To some, in their zeal to disclose or discuss American slavery or the Civil War, let them neither praise nor glorify the shameful truth with sterilized dramatization. Slavery was, is and forever will be an abominable sin to God, and deplorable, repugnant and disdainful to victims.
Simply recognizing the distasteful institution of either is no substitute for acknowledging and regretting.  Publicly admitting and apologizing is the order of the day, not intellectual discussion!  Then when we repeat, “Never Again,” it will be inclusive rather than exclusive.
High Point

Trinity Christmas celebration created memories
Thank you to the Trinity city staff and all who helped put together an “Evening With Santa.” It was awesome! The children’s happy faces, the excited voices, the lists for Santa, the happy parents and the joy you could feel singing in your heart. There are times when no one has to say a word, but you know this was right and awesome because you can “just feel it.”
Thank you also to Santa (Tuck) and Elf Linda. They were superstars and created memories that will last a lifetime. Again, thanks to everyone else behind the scenes who brought so much joy to Trinity this season.
Wishing everyone the best in the new year!
The writer is a member of Trinity City Council.



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• Our way of life is at risk due to Obama’s dictatorial abuse of power and failure to protect our borders.  Two legal remedies are:  Overthrow the dictator; petition for secession.