Your View: Religion in America is devotion to ‘lip service’

Dec. 28, 2012 @ 01:22 AM

Bill Michal correctly stated in his Dec. 16 letter that: “There is no political solution to spiritual problems.”  I would suggest, however, that the religious solution he offers is just as impotent.
Religious people seem to interpret cause and effect with a rather narrow-minded focus that revolves around neat little religious paradigms while ignoring inconvenient facts.  For instance, religion failed to suppress the base instincts of those who benefited from slavery and the systematic extermination of Native Americans.  This wickedness was occurring while the Rev. Watkins was crying about not having the word “God” etched on a coin.  The seeds sewn by these “religious” Americans ultimately culminated in violence — the only message they understood.  Now, that’s “fascinating.”
The malevolence of modern-day America is only the reflection of a national perversity that has always existed.  Nitpicking absurdity only leads to dull-witted conclusions.  Michal’s letter is the proof.  Injecting petty asides concerning Democrats, under the guise of religious devotion, does little to detract from the violence that is endemic to this so-called “Nation under God.”  It only reflects the reality that religion in America is little more than devotion to “lip service.”  Moreover, Michal’s religious affections seem, suspiciously, to be inseparable from nationalism.  Who wants to worship an elitist God in a culture dependent upon inclusion?
There is a decline of religious influence in America.  Perhaps it’s because the cultural bigotry inherent in religion makes it incapable of accessing spirituality.  Whatever the reason, it is apparent that it does not work and it fails the test of integrity.  I say, let it die.  Perhaps then American can start over with a restructured heart that really sees God, and not just the opulent temples masquerading as holy places.
High Point

Clinton tax rates? How about his spending levels?
Recently I’ve heard and read, even from some writers to the Enterprise, about how we should allow Obama to return us to the Clinton era tax rates.  Since Obama first took office he has basically said two things repeatedly; how everything is Bush’s fault and how we need to raise taxes.
Believe me, you can take it to the bank he is going to get higher tax rates, not only for the rich but for everyone.  Of course, it will start with the wealthy, but will then creep down to the rest of us.  If you don’t believe me, just pay close attention to what the rascal says. History has taught us that higher tax rates lead to higher tax rates.  But here’s my suggestion on his desire to return to the Clinton tax rates.  Give the socialist his Clinton tax rates, but demand he return to the Clinton era spending levels.  That’ll shut him up!


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