Your View: Christmas in a child’s words

Dec. 25, 2012 @ 01:41 AM

By Hannah Mendenhall, age 8

This is how I tell the story of how Christmas began.
Once upon a time in the town of Jodiea (sic), Mary was taking a nap and she was woken up a few minutes later by an angel. That Angel had a message from GOD. YOU WILL HAVE A CHILD NAMED JESUS.
Then the story began. Sometime later, Joseph came to Mary’s house with a donkey and he said hop on, Jesus will be born where I grew up. The town is called Bethlahim (sic). It was a long cold night, but about 8:50 PM or 9:00 PM they arrived in Bethlahim. They asked the innkeeper if there was any room but he said no but he said in the back there is a barn you can stay in.
Mary and Joseph said OK we will take it. About 11:25 PM Jesus was born. GOD had an Angel go to a few fields and tell them that a new savior has been born. Three wise men came to baby Jesus’ feet and gave a gift to him. One of the wise men gave him GOLD. The 2 wise man gave the baby fraenkencens (sic). The 3 wise man gave the baby mera (sic). Nine shepherds came along to Jesus.
And then, ever since the savior was born it was a holiday called Christmas and almost everybody in the world celebrates this holiday called Christmas. And I am one of those people.