Your View: This election could bring change to Trinity

Feb. 11, 2013 @ 02:54 AM

I feel I must respond to Chester Ayers’ critique of Philip Chadwell’s criticism of the Trinity City Council.  You can read his contempt for a citizen expressing his concerns about Council’s actions.
Ayers was correct in that citizens can make their concerns and opinions known to Council, but the Trinity 5 will just ignore those opinions and concerns if it does not agree with their personal agendas.   Philip Chadwell is entirely correct in his criticisms and wasn’t the least bit vague.
I, personally, have witnessed some of the behaviors Chadwell described being displayed by the Trinity 5 at Council meetings. I have seen the looks of disdain that Trinity 5 members have given to citizens who express views in contrast with theirs, including looking disrespectful of the speaker.  I have witnessed citizens expressing concerns about Council actions being referred to as a “dog and pony show” by a member of the Trinity 5.  I have seen members of the Trinity 5 come to meetings with motions pre-written (prearranged?) and ready to be read, without regard to Council discussion or citizen input.
I still believe that there are some questionable actions being taken by some of the Council members as relates to the Open Meeting rules.  I agree, and endorse the idea, that everyone in Trinity should attend Council meetings and see for themselves what goes on.
We have an election this year, and we have the power to make some changes, for the better, in Trinity.  I call on everyone in Trinity to educate themselves on the behavior of these individuals, become active, and let’s make a positive change next election.
Find help at 2-1-1 when you need it most
I know who to call when I need help. In an emergency, I dial 9-1-1. When I need the number to my favorite Thai restaurant, I try 4-1-1. When I’m navigating the challenges in life that fall somewhere in between, I can call 2-1-1.
2-1-1 is help when you need it most. Today, Feb. 11 (2-11), we celebrate National 2-1-1 Awareness Day and the vital role this service plays in our communities. 2-1-1 is a free community service information line funded by United Way that links people to health and human services in our community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The service is confidential, and calls are answered by professional referral specialists. Last year alone, 2-1-1 handled 1,310 calls in Greater High Point.
Anyone can call 2-1-1, regardless of the language they speak, and receive information on thousands of services, including food, housing, utilities, childcare services, financial education, health care, job training, counseling, senior services, volunteer opportunities and many others.  They can also call 888-892-1162 or access this information online at
2-1-1 was certainly important to Brent. Although Brent enjoys his retail job, he doesn’t make a lot of money and had to discontinue his insurance to afford his rent and utilities. Following back surgery, Brent fell behind in his payments.
When he called 2-1-1, he only needed about $100 more to be able to pay his rent without damaging his credit. Mindy, a referral specialist, connected him to a resource he was unfamiliar with that stepped in to help, and Brent was able to pay his rent.
We also say thank you to Kemp Advertising and Marketing in High Point for producing for United Way informational brochures that allow us to inform people in the Greater High Point community, just like Brent, about 2-1-1.
High Point
The writer is vice president of marketing and communications for United Way of Greater High Point.


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