Your View: Open High Point rec centers to citizens

Feb. 08, 2013 @ 01:36 AM

I’d like for the city of High Point to explain why the Parks and Recreation community centers in our fair city aren’t established for use by the public?
As I discovered on Friday, Feb. 1, there is only one FREE public activity available at the Deep River Community Center per week, and this activity constitutes one hour of play in the gymnasium Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.
My 3-year-old grandson and I went to the Deep River Park to utilize the outside play area, then went into the community center to use the restroom and warm ourselves.  After exiting the restroom, we were immediately confronted by staff. We were asked why we were there, told we couldn’t just “wander around,” and effectively were run out of the building.
I guess I’m confused about where my tax dollars and bond money goes, and befuddled that our “community centers” are just self-sustaining revenue builders that aren’t meant for community use. 
One more note: While I was there, around 4 in the afternoon, the parking lot was almost empty. From my limited view in the lobby, I glanced into the gymnasium and didn’t see or hear people or activity, and I also noticed a large conference room in the back — also empty.
If High Point’s Parks and Recreation community centers aren’t established for citizen use, what is their purpose? In those times when the facilities are open and under-utilized, wouldn’t it better to allow the public access and possibly allow for a few free activities?  For shame, City of High Point. For shame.
High Point

Maybe there is benefit in legislative action
With all the problems facing our state and the Legislature, it blows my mind that they are spending valuable time to pass a law allowing the use of a live possum in a New Year’s Eve celebration.
On the other hand, maybe I should be pleased because it will be a little longer until they get around to destroying our public education system in favor of private schools and vouchers.



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