Your View: We need term limits to protect our freedom

Feb. 06, 2013 @ 02:10 AM

Small businesses had to pay protection money to the Mafia so they could stay in business. Now, anyone who wants to stay in business has to pay protection money to the government in order to stay in business. In the 1970s, 15 percent of businesses had bureaucrats or ex-politicians on their board of directors. In 2002, 55 percent did. Unless you have some politician or pay lobbyists to assist your business in Washington, you are penalized.
Most of our elected politicians are only interested in their own careers. That is why we need the following:
• The president should only serve one six-year term. This would save $1 billion in campaigning to be re-elected and leave him more time to concentrate on the needs of the country.
• Senators should only serve two terms, total of 12 years.
• Representatives should serve only six terms, total 12 years.
• Neither the president nor members of Congress should receive health benefits or retirement for time spent serving the country.
Also, why do our elected representatives earn more money for sitting on their butts in Congress letting bureaucrats make laws than members of our armed forces who often pay the ultimate sacrifice for this country?
Stop all this, contact your representatives and tell them we need — term limits; balanced budgets; no EPA or other agencies passing regulations (this is the job of elected legislators); no increase in salaries or benefits unless put on the ballot and voted on by we the people; no ability to mess with the Bill of Rights unless the rules are changed by going through the proper channels to make amendments to the Bill of Rights.
Protect your freedom. Do not be like Essau and sell your birthright for a bowl of soup.
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