Your View: Palestinians have right to seek statehood

Dec. 14, 2012 @ 01:17 AM

The United States can no longer be responsible for brokering peace between Israel and Palestine. Israel is being provocative and this is not a new position.  Elections in Israel are scheduled for Jan 22.  The hard-liners are eager to underscore their ability to dictate current policy.  Israel and the U.S. were against the UN recognition of Palestine as a non-member observer state; and the settlement expansion is a punishing response.  Israel also refuses to return taxes being held for the Palestinian Authority.
Clinton rightly condemned the possible use of mustard gas by the Syrian government; yet when Israel used mustard gas or phosphorus bombs there was not a similar outcry. In 2009, Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize which was viewed as a hopeful acknowledgement of his ability to use diplomacy to build cooperation between countries.  Today, Obama remains silent when warned ahead of Israel’s plans for E1 and settlement expansions.  He is busy building his current administration and the fiscal cliff is looming.
The settlement of E1 has been strongly criticized in the past as too sensitive because it would divide the West Bank and prevent the creation of a Palestinian state.  Ban Ki moon states the building of settlements is against international law.  How can the U.S. be expected to lead the peace talks when they do not confront Israel’s blatant disregard of morality, international law, and censorship by the international community. The complicity of the U.S. in these inhumane policies must be analyzed objectively and corrected. The time has come for U.S. leaders and citizens to demonstrate moral courage.
The Palestinians had every right to petition the UN. The brokers for peace must be able to insist on fairness from both sides.  Increasing the problem-solving dialogue to include the international community can only move us closer to urgently needed life-saving solutions and peace.
The writer is president of the Islamic Center of the Triad in Greensboro.

Are we sure about chemical weapons?
I wonder if Obama is depending on the same people who told Bush there were WMD in Iraq? “Here we go again,” to paraphrase Ronald Reagan. No one knows for sure until they get a whiff of them, or if they are the leftovers Saddam used on the Iranians, and moved them, before we got there.
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