Your View: Kudos to GCS for empowering students with digital learning

Jan. 14, 2013 @ 04:44 AM

Imagine for a moment the classrooms of the future: no books, pencils or paper. North Carolina 5th graders collaborating on science projects with their peers in Japan. Imagine students required to read Charlotte’s Web seeing the text come to life with interactive videos on writing spiders, or a Skype call with an East Carolina University arachnologist while riding the field trip bus.
These examples only scratch the surface of the capabilities provided by digital learning with mobile technology, and the recently announced $30 million federal grant that will provide more than 15,000 Guilford County middle-schoolers with tablets for education is a wonderful start.
Children of the digital age learn differently than those of previous generations. A recent survey by revealed one in four students use videos or podcasts as study materials and nearly 75 percent of students who own tablets prefer them to textbooks.
Mobile technology lightens the load of textbooks, enables flexibility in field research, provides adaptive software for students with special needs, offers online content and more. Students reap these benefits while simultaneously learning the skills they will need to thrive in an increasingly mobile, digital world.
To be truly implementable and impactful, digital learning relies on the wireless network upon which it is built. The wireless network must guarantee reliability, speed, security and easy access. For example, students using 4G LTE-enabled tablets from Verizon can stream educational videos seamlessly, access resource materials in the blink of an eye, download textbooks in seconds, and communicate with their teachers and classmates securely and without lag time or reliance on the availability of Wi-Fi.
Clearly digital learning is here to stay, and mobile technology brings a wealth of resources to students’ fingertips. Kudos to the leadership of Guilford County Schools for creating an initiative that will empower our students.
High Point
The writer is Verizon Wireless district manager.

Our guns protect us from dictators
People are buying guns to protect themselves against a runaway government.
We elect these people, we do not elect them so they can make themselves all powerful, which is what they would be if we did not have the Second Amendment.
We have seen other countries where the people only have stones to protect themselves against dictators. The only reason our government wants to take away our guns is because they are afraid of us. And that is how the Founding Fathers wanted it. Guns protect us from dictators. Dictators are rulers who pass laws without going through legitimate channels.


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