Your View: Fault person who commits irresponsible actions

Jan. 10, 2013 @ 02:27 AM

I feel fortunate to be able to respond to Stephen Madison’s comments Monday regarding our violent culture. I am someone who can respond to or share an opinion with him. I am a paramedic and have been one for nearly 19 years. I am also a career firefighter.
I grew up doing exactly what Madison questioned. I played with toy guns. I went to gun shows/stores. I went hunting and shooting. I played video games. I did all of these things with my father. He was/is a member of the NRA as am I. He would also be allowed to have an opinion in Madison’s eyes as he worked as a police officer for nearly 15 years.
However, my father also taught and showed me how to do all of these things in a responsible manner. He also taught me right from wrong while I was growing up. He rewarded my accomplishments and good deeds. He also punished my disobedience and wrong doings. I will continue to do the same with my son as well.
What I failed to see Madison mention was self-accountability. As with most of society today, he is blaming everyone else except the person responsible for the actions.
Yes, I have witnessed my share of tragedies. I don’t wish the sights, smells and sounds that we have to experience on anyone, but unfortunately it comes with the job.
I have seen far more people hurt or killed from the effects of alcohol or drugs. I also have seen this violence carried out using knives, bats, sticks, hammers, cars and fists a lot more than I have ever seen a firearm used.
I enjoy the freedom of exercising my Second Amendment right, and Madison doesn’t seem to mind expressing his freedom of speech. When my Second Amendment right is compromised, how will Madison protect his First Amendment right?

Nation that turns against God will believe lies
Obama began his campaign with lies; one among many was the promise of a transparent government. He ended with more lies concerning Benghazi.
From a biblical perspective, Obama is anti-God, proven by his approval of homosexuals, lesbians, and same-sex marriage; anti-American seen in his contempt for our own Constitution and leading over 50 percent of the population to show no spiritual or moral discernment. If America isn’t dead yet, she is on life support and the end is near.
God said, “All they that hate me, love death” (Proverbs 8:36).  Apart from God, there’s no life. America is anti-God in government – local, state, and federal – and in education and morals.
Our last four years have been marked with many natural disasters ending with Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, three different storms on the West Coast in one week, an earthquake that shook Washington, D.C., and many major American cities are built upon high risk faults. What’s next?
How will God respond to the election of a man like Ahab, king of Israel, who caused Israel to sin and “did more to provoke the Lord God to anger than all that were before him”? (I Kings 16:33)
Will Obama be a blessing or a curse?


Will the agreement to avoid the “fiscal cliff” help or hurt the economy? What more must be done to solve the nation’s economic problems? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to Here is one response:
• The ‘fiscal cliff,” Obama’s attempt to hold Republicans hostage to pass his corrupt agenda, hurts the economy. Because uninformed voters allow Obama to “transform (bankrupt) America,” economic problems will continue.