Your View: Guest Column - Controversial Trinity Council members are dedicated to serving city

Mar. 31, 2013 @ 09:21 PM


Trinity is one of the very best places to live. It is a rural community with lots of open land. Trinity is 5 to 10 minutes away from hospitals, doctors, shopping and fine restaurants. It is also close to a wonderful park. We also have a new YMCA thanks to the generosity of some very fine citizens. We have five great schools. One is a new, very modern high school. We have an incredible amount of churches with great attendance.
The best things about Trinity are the good, caring people who live here, approximately 6,000.
We have a wonderful City Council, the very best we have ever had. They are striving to do a great job for all of us. We owe a $15 million dollar bond DEBT for sewer. This is a 40-year loan with interest.
All the citizens of Trinity owe this money. But we were only able to provide only about one-third of the citizens with sewer with this money. It cost almost $50,000 per household to install the sewer. Members of our new City Council are trying to save money so that this loan can be paid as soon as possible, thus saving the interest on the loan and hopefully being able to serve more citizens with sewer. They have already saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars.
There have been articles in the paper about five City Council members. They were elected by the people of Trinity and received overwhelming amount of votes the first time they ran for office. They are the MOST courageous people I know. This is not an easy job. They are not self-serving leaders; they are working for all of you.
These leaders go to meetings every week and often work very late addressing city problems. The stipend we give them hardly pays for their gas. They are giving their time for four years to help all the citizens of Trinity have a GREAT little town. A very few people have treated them with disrespect. This is a very shameful thing to do.
We are 100 percent supportive of our City Council. Let the people on the City Council know that you appreciate them.

Boyce and Shirley Hamer are longtime residents of Trinity.