Your View: Greater High Point supports members of community

Mar. 21, 2013 @ 08:54 PM

Please allow me the opportunity to tell our generous community of High Point, Archdale, Trinity and Jamestown that I am so proud to have been the United Way campaign chair for 2012. I have been allowed to meet so many wonderful, generous people who have consistently helped make this community better for all of us who call this our home.
It is hard to believe just a few short months ago we announced an incredible campaign goal of $4.7 million dollars. WOW! I was a little nervous due to our economic times, but as I heard stories of all the good deeds United Way brings to our community and the hard work that the staff and cabinet of United Way of Greater High Point put into this campaign my fears subsided rapidly. Our community rallied together to protect the less fortunate.
We can all be very proud!
Thank you to all the countless people who volunteered their time and effort to make this happen. Thank you, as well , to all the generous donors for every single dollar they gave to this campaign. Their donations will support the 29 partner agencies to feed, council, house and simply offer a better quality of life to thousands of people in our own community!
We did it! We raised a record-breaking $4,719,540!
Thanks again for giving back and may you have a blessed year.
High Point
The writer was campaign chair of the 2012 United Way of Greater High Point fundraising effort.

Let Democrats ruin future, and GOP will return to power
It seems the Republican Party has finally realized what many of us Republicans said seven years ago. They decided to split the party up and make a Tea Party. I said then, it was all about  “divide and conquer.”
Oh yes, I joined the Tea Party, sort of, just as I watch CNN news and its comments exclusively. I do not need to know what Fox is saying. Besides, they waste too much of my time by talking about their  personal problems. We need to know what the other side is doing and splitting our party is not very smart.
Until Republicans realize that they lost the national election because there are not enough  Republicans to elect a Republican, it will not change. If the Republicans ever want back in power, keep voting the Democrats back in, until people finally realize where the problem is.
Republicans worry too much about the future; let the government worry about it, a Democrat one. If it works their way, then fine, problem solved. If it does not work, Republicans will be elected again.
High Point


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