Your View: At one time, Social Security/Medicare programs sounded good

Mar. 20, 2013 @ 08:41 PM

I have been advised the Social Security program as proposed by President Roosevelt sounded like a good idea – we pay into a fund to help us in our old age.  Likewise, President Lyndon Johnson’s proposal for his Great Society program sounded like a good idea. What legitimate argument could there be against saving a little for your old age — assisting those in poverty?
Let’s look at what we have in this year of our Lord 2013.  I, and my various employers, have paid into the SS and Medicare programs more than 65 years (1946 to 2011).   But, since other politicians through the years chose to alter the original plan, we find the programs unable to fulfill the original promise made by President Roosevelt.  This same political greed has transformed President Johnson’s pledge to eliminate poverty into a giant welfare program that rewards poor judgment and encourages those in the program to remain poor.
I believe the survival of the great nation of The United States of American rests solely on the ability of individual citizens to realize politicians are not trustworthy, and it is imperative we remove their authority and ability to make decisions that affect an individual’s personal life.  The success of this nation was built on freedom for individuals to improve their standard of living through initiative and work, thereby improving our entire society.  Bad judgment by individuals results in limited bad results.  Bad judgment by politicians will destroy the nation.
Wake up America! It’s not too late. Elect politicians who believe in individual morality and freedom. The liberal philosophy of legislating morality serves only one purpose – it seeks to limit the freewill that was bestowed on every human by our Creator God.
God bless.
High Point

Ruden says thanks for supporting Mobile Meals
Please allow me to inform the Enterprise and all Mobile Meals for the elderly’s friends and supporters that as of March 12, I have decided to resign after 36 years of service and 33 years as treasurer of Mobile Meals.
I have served with a heart full of love and respect for the Mobile Meals program, and for those who supported the program physically and financially. They have been so supportive! I want to thank every church, every Civic organization and each individual. Each of them has made Mobile Meals work so smoothly.
Remember, Mobile Meals was never government funded. The people, are our support. We must never forget Furnitureland Rotary for most generously supporting our program through the years.
Thanks to all of you.
Most sincerely,


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