Your View: Why can’t Trinity have growth like this?

Mar. 18, 2013 @ 03:20 AM

I recently visited Dayton, Tennessee, and was agreeably impressed with their community.  Even though it is roughly the same size as Trinity, I noticed some stark contrasts.
Dayton has a population of 7,191, with Trinity having a population of 6,614 (  Trinity has a land area a bit larger at 16.9 square miles versus 6.4 for Dayton (Wikipedia).  Trinity sits astride an interstate highway whereas Dayton is several miles from the nearest interstate.
However, in Dayton I noticed a McDonalds, a Huddle House restaurant, two barbecue restaurants, three Chinese restaurants, a Sonic Drive-In, two Mexican restaurants, several cafes, and an Italian eatery.  There were also three convenience store/gas stations, two grocery stores, two large pharmacies, and a WalMart. Dayton also has an especially pleasant historic downtown area with attractive shops lining the streets. 
All of these establishments are job creators for Dayton.  Why do you suppose Trinity, with a greater land area, plus sitting astride a major highway, can’t attract these same types of establishments? The five controlling members of the City Council possess neither the mental acuity nor the intellectual foresight to take advantage of the potential that our community has to offer. Businesses don’t want to invest in a town run by a troupe of clowns?  This group would rather work their backroom deals and denigrate the citizens who disagree with them than to actually labor for the betterment of our community.
We have an election this year and we can vote to return our community back to the path of prosperity. Your vote does count and we need change in our leadership.

Jesus was a loving absolutist
As “Dusty” Schoch on March 3 addressed my column concerning Obama’s consignment of traditional moral absolutes to the dark side, he did so by dragging Jesus through the contemporary mud of moral relativism.  
To make his point, Schoch even suggested that because Jesus loved his enemies “Scripture shows him to have been nothing close to an absolutist,” an assessment that missed the entire Christological target. In fact, love did not make Jesus’ enemies any less so, because they were still his moral and spiritual foes, existing and living opposite the divine side of the fixed moral fence.
Jesus love did not nullify the existence of moral absolutism, then, but actually confirmed it. It is the logical basis for its unconditionally, meaning that he loves despite our willful violation of his perfect standard, a violation spawned by our innate sinfulness — absolutely. 
That is why Jesus told the woman caught in the act of adultery to “Go and sin no more.” He didn’t discard the standard for which she was legally guilty, but in anticipation of his substitutionary death, forgave her for violating his divine standard for human sexuality. Ultimately, Jesus absorbed the wrath of God for the woman’s sinfulness as the Father counted him legally guilty in her stead.
Further, in regard to the creation of male and female as complimentary partners in marriage, Christ said, “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder” — absolutely.
So, essentially, Jesus was/is a loving absolutist, saying with certitude, “I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the father but by me,” a statement, perhaps to Schoch’s chagrin, with absolutism written all over it.
Finally, Jesus adds, “He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already,” again, absolutely.
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Thanks for supporting Salute to Heroes
The American Red Cross Salute to Heroes Committee would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of the 2013 Salute to Heroes event held at High Point University on March 8.
Please let me say thank you to our sponsors whose generosity will help support Services to the Armed Forces and Disaster Service programs in Guilford County. Also, thank you to the award recipients who put duty, honor, country and community first in their lives and to the volunteers who contributed their time and talent to make the event a success.
We would like to extend a special thank you to Nido Qubein and the staff of High Point University for the use of their wonderful facilities and for their outstanding logistical support. The High Point University event staff’s attention to detail is second to none. It was their interest in and support of this event that went above and beyond anything we expected. They are without doubt true professionals. Also, I thank Nido Qubein, who took time from his busy schedule to be our keynote speaker and present a truly inspiring speech. And finally, I thank our guests that showed their support by attending the event on a beautiful Friday evening.
The writer is chairman of the Salute to Heroes event.



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