Your View: How does a women stand these shoes?

Mar. 17, 2013 @ 11:43 AM

Could anyone, especially women, explain to me why practically all of them are walking around on stilts they ridiculously call shoes?
Will you try to explain to me that it is fashion and no matter what, women love their shoes and fashion? That high-heels have been around for a long time, but that now, legs have to look even longer whether or not most can even walk in them? Even when they do, they can’t see how awkward and just plain silly they look. With no thought of safety, I’ve seen plenty of big, pregnant women struggling to walk in them. Can you imagine what walking around on the balls of your feet with all your weight actually does to your feet and ankles, tendons, knees and your spine and entire skeleton?
Teenagers to women in their 50s are following along like blind fools, risking their health and spending tons of money like they have no common sense at all, all to be so-called fashionable.
We’ve all had our silly fashions — platforms, patched jeans, holey jeans, and even ridiculous baggy pants — but most wouldn’t cause you physical harm, except real low pants if you tried to run. I’ve even head some of these shoes can cost thousands and still they sell.
I wonder why so many things are so out of whack in our world today. It just seems like people are hard-pressed to use some God-given common sense. Do we have to follow others to buy or do something just because others are? Have we forgot how to think for ourselves? To hear or see something and reason that it is just plain ridiculous; just plain costs too much; is just plain stupid?
Come on America. We can have good imaginations, but right is right and wrong is still just plain wrong.
High Point

Why don’t they want a King Drive?
I am writing about the responses on the King Drive issue. You know, the whole issue is racial.
Look at it. First, Judy Mendenhall made a crude statement when she mentioned Market Center Drive, stating, “Nobody would ever see it.” As for the South College Drive suggestion, you know what it is? Race again.
The issue is that they don’t want the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s name on their addresses, businesses and etc. That’s the deal. Why don’t you admit it!
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