Your View: Palestinians do not have right to statehood

Dec. 27, 2012 @ 01:28 AM

In regard to Badi M. Ali’s letter Dec. 14 (“Palestinians have a right to statehood”):
Palestinians do not have a right to statehood.  They are a nomadic people, and Israel is for Israel not the Arab.  Everything Ali has accused the Jew of doing, Muslim thugs have done.
The Israelis have never used mustard gas, and the only time they have bombed anyone was in self-defense. Islam’s tyrannical fighters hide behind women and children and lob thousands of missiles into civilian areas, killing innocents.  Ali may be able to pull this fodder on his people and get away with it, but not people who take the newspaper.
We have seen the beheading of innocent humans, suicide murders, murder of Catholic priests, burning of Christian churches, imposing Sharia Law on non-Muslims, rapes of women and then calling them whores, murder of a film director and rioting in Europe, murder of four Americans on sovereign ground in Benghazi.  Islam’s so-called religious book contains and encourages death and destruction, as we have seen where Muslim numbers have increased.  If Muslims are unhappy with the USA, they can go home. Go back to the lands they have destroyed by their convoluted ideology.

Front-page photo of gun shop questionable
I have to question two things I have seen in the Enterprise lately. First, the ad for In it you say you may be doing a heroic thing starting this business. A heroic thing is a teacher crawling on her hands and knees guiding children to safety while a madman is shooting up her school. A heroic thing is a firefighter or policeman going into the World Trade Center on 9/11 to save people knowing he or she might be seconds away from death.  A heroic thing is passengers on United flight 93 forcing their plane to crash in an open field instead of downtown Washington, D.C. Saying that selling used cars online might be heroic is, at best an affront to real heroes, if not downright appalling.
The second thing I question is the publishing of the picture on the front page of the Dec. 18 edition. It shows a gun dealer holding up two assault rifles and smiling like a cat who just blew the canary to pieces with an AK-47 then ate the pieces. Yes, the man can legally sell the assault rifles. Yes, you can, and should, publish an article about the sales of these killing machines and the need for controlling such sales. But to publish a picture of a smiling individual who seems proud to be selling such dangerous weapons just four days after the second worst school massacre in the U.S. is at best questionable, if not downright appalling.
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