Your View: Look for Obama bailout of union pensions

Dec. 08, 2012 @ 01:09 AM

Get ready for the “Mother of all Bailouts” to be proposed by Obama. New York, California, Illinois, all those big Democrat UNION states are hitting the wall on their unfunded public service pensions. They have promised their UNION teachers, fire, police, etc big fat pensions in exchange for their loyal Democrat votes.
The bill is now coming due and there isn’t enough money to pay lifeguards $150,000 in benefits in California (I’m not kidding, this is a true fact for Public Lifeguards in California). These states are facing hundreds of billions of dollars in vote swapping promises that are now hitting like a tsunami! Expect President Obama to propose a “federal guarantee” for his fat UNION supporters.. He will rationalize this as “no money” in the bailout, just a guarantee so lifeguards don’t become homeless.
People of North Carolina, don’t buy it! It will be a big lie (as usual).  Your tax money will be headed to California, Illinois and New York faster than a speeding bullet. This is the final straw of the results of the “entitled electing the entitled” welfare state the Democrats have been dreaming about. It will continue until they run out of my money and yours, which won’t be too long!
High Point

President doesn’t deserve the attacks
The Supreme Court and the Congress of the U.S.A. are operating as dead-beat Dad’s. The Republican and Blue Dog Democratic Congressmen, in the beginning, have baked the cake and eaten it to. They decided to try to make President Obama (community organizer) a one-term “escape” goat of the ingredients (policies) they created.
The planned to replace him was with a “blind trust fund,” lies, deceit and the willingness to deceive by every means necessary. Birth, faith, religion, education and other non-essentials based on perception and evil intent pushes the politics of policy through division. A 10 percent Congress rating proves their judgments are for self-inflicted assurance of health care and welfare benefits for themselves.
Racism is the Donald “Trump” card for 90 percent of the problems in this country, not being accountable, but traversed and ignored for the “self-righteousness” of a few, to attempt poisoning of many. Jesus said your family is your “foe,” they are the closest to you, and usually the fear of destroying you is unlightly because you are helping them to survive. Things are “getting better” and “going forward,” because God would not allow the people of America or Israel to be destroyed by “Clever Foxes” or “Radio Hosts.” The “grass roots” of racism has continued its evil and bitter path in creating a just cause for a poisoned civilized society through race, gender, religion, national origin, and color.
President Obama deserves an honorable, just, fair, and “equal term.” If giving, supporting and helping others hurts, what does stealing, destroying and killing do? If loving one another hurts, what does hatred do? If joy and peace hurts, what does sorrow and war do? People try and cover-up the truth because we say the truth hurts, but if the “truth hurts,” what does a lie do?


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