Our View: Ups and Downs – City utility workers; pet owners

Nov. 30, 2012 @ 01:17 AM

THUMBS UP to city of High Point Electric Utilities Department employees who went north a few weeks ago and helped residents of Rockville Centre, N.Y., get their electrical and utility services up and running in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The storm worked its way north off the East Coast and then slammed into New York and New Jersey in late October.
In times of emergency such as this, the city often will send a few employees into a storm area to help repair the damage. The mutual aid is then repaid in times such as a few years ago when High Point and its electrical system sustained damage from a tornado and 10 years ago a severe ice storm.
The employees of the High Point Electric Utilities Department who volunteered to go to New York state to help restore power after Hurricane Sandy were: Darrell Damron, Dale Johnson, Bobby Fletcher, E.J. Burcham, Charles Moore, Danny Stanley, Adam Baldwin, Dalen Riddle and Lynn Dodson.

THUMBS DOWN to area owners of pets that have not been vaccinated for rabies. Failure to do so puts pets, their owners – and particularly children – at risk of contracting the disease. The concern has grown throughout the area, but it has become especially keen in Guilford County where incidence of the disease has risen significantly during the last several years. So far this year, Guilford County leads the area in reported rabies cases.
Guilford officials say rabies cases usually run in cycles, so it’s possible that the numbers of cases in the county could go down. That definitely could the case, however, if pet owners would get their animals vaccinated and help limit spread of the disease.

Of course, we give THUMBS UP – no, make that two thumbs up – for owners who have gotten rabies vaccination for their pets. For more information on vaccinations and rabies, contact Guilford County Animal Control at 641-5990. In Randolph County, it’s 878-8235. In Davidson County, it’s 357-0805.

THUMBS UP to all the good-hearted community organizations – and the folks who support them – that are giving of themselves to raise money, food, clothing, gifts and joy in general to help provide a better Christmas and holiday season for those among who are struggling this year. For any number of reasons – illnesses, unemployment, other problems related to the tough economic situation – people are in need of a little help to get by. We encourage anyone who can spare a little extra to remember those who could use the assistance.