Our View: Teamwork for Tarheel future?

Jan. 17, 2013 @ 02:17 AM

He talked about it a lot during the fall campaign. And although “teamwork” wasn’t the central point of his inauguration speech Saturday, N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory again alluded to the need for cooperation to accomplish tasks and solve the problems facing North Carolina.
“As mayor of Charlotte, I emphasized teamwork, and we got things done,” McCrory, who grew up in Jamestown, said. “A team effort and philosophy to succeed is what we are bringing to state government.”
We’ve not heard the governor use teamwork interchangeably with the term bipartisanship, and with the Legislature having a clear Republican majority, McCrory and his GOP leaders may not have to gather Democratic votes to get things done. However, the governor would be wise to continue to value and use that teamwork approach.
As he moves forward in addressing numerous challenges lying ahead for the state, some of which he identified during his speech, he’ll need for that team spirit to thrive in the Legislature, throughout state government, in the business community and among members of the public. Right now, it’s a nice vision, but in reality it is tough to achieve.
For example, in tackling the state’s unemployment rate, one of the highest in the nation, McCrory said government must work with business as partners, not adversaries, to eliminate burdensome taxes, rules and regulations that stifle economic growth. But it’s highly likely that once McCrory and the GOP Legislature get going developing details for such actions, opposition will arise and roadblocks will develop. Many in the Legislature will fight lower tax rates and fewer regulations for businesses and corporations.
In his speech, McCrory also noted: “When coupled with civility — respecting the rights and opinions of others to agree and disagree — we make better decisions and get even better results.”
In recent Legislatures, both Democratic and Republican controlled, at times we’ve seen too little of that respect for the opinion of others. We’ve seen little willingness to listen to “the other side” or another viewpoint. Certainly, we understand that in politics everyone will not be happy with all legislation proposed or passed. We’re hopeful, however, that the civility of which the governor speaks will prevail.