Our View: Ups and Downs - Guilford Schools; ‘Fuse’ Green; over-reactions

Feb. 08, 2013 @ 01:32 AM

THUMBS UP to Guilford County Schools and school officials involved with preparing the revised list of $132 million in school renovations and expansions that are needed throughout the county school district. Topping the list of needs was long-wanted and much-needed renovation at High Point Central High School.
The new list allocates $23 million for Central High to fund expansions and relocations of the school’s overcrowded cafeteria and media center. Under the plan, those overcrowding issues would be addressed with construction of a 15,000 square-foot freestanding building to relocate the media center and also contain a dining hall near the existing cafeteria.
School officials’ plans were met with approval by the Citizens for Central group, which has been lobbying for renovation and expansion at the overcrowded school for several years. The group also seeks classroom space expansion at Central in the future.
The list also contains funds for Kirkman Park and Northwood Elementary schools in High Point. Northwood would get $4 million for work on the cafeteria and kitchen that are too small. Kirkman Park would get $7 million for upgrades to heating and air conditioning, electrical and security systems.

THUMBS UP to Bobby “Fuse” Green, the 39-year-old High Point native who has made a name for himself as a designer in New York City. Green, who grew up in east High Point in the J.C. Morgan housing community, was selected by Nike to help design clothing and shoes for the Be Bold Be True campaign, which Nike is sponsoring during February, Black History Month.
In an Enterprise feature story last week, Green said he knew early on that he wanted to be a designer. He and family members remembered him spending hours perfecting his drawings while growing up. Friends and family encouraged him. When he was 13, a design he created appeared on a BOTSO promotional shirt. As a young man, Green was in the first class of Hank Wall’s BOTSO organization, Brothers Organized To Save Others.
Green, who lives as well as works in New York City, has his own website: http://www.fusegreen.com.

THUMBS DOWN to all the folks who are making it sound like President Obama is flying around drones all over the U.S. and the world looking for American citizens to blow up. Certainly, there’s always caution to be observed and questions to be asked about government policies, but as we learn more, it appears that Obama and administration officials involved have specific guidelines for using drones to attack members of the al-Qaida network overseas who happen also to hold American citizenship.
The reaction by some anti-Obama folks among us to news reports regarding this matter is akin to reactions of some of the anti-Bush people who had hissy fits a few years about federal security personnel listening in on some phone calls from overseas to people in the U.S. suspected of being involved in terrorist activities. In fact, let’s just give those people a belated THUMBS DOWN for their over-reactions back then.