Our View: It’s four — and minus the ACC

Apr. 01, 2013 @ 03:34 PM

And then there were four — The Final Four.
And none of them are representatives of the Atlantic Coast Conference. For some of us, maybe that’s why they call it March Madness.
With Duke bowing out Sunday in a loss to powerful Louisville, and with Miami giving a disappointing performance last Thursday against Marquette, the ACC’s last representatives in the field of 68 are gone.
But alas, if this conversation were being held a couple of years from now, we’d be talking about the possibility of an all-ACC final for the national championship. Because of all the conference realignments taking shape during the next few years, Louisville and Syracuse will become members of the ACC. So, maybe some among might be pulling for that Cardinals/Orange match-up in the championship game next Monday night in Atlanta.
Which team do you think will be crowned the NCAA Champion Monday? You have the chance this week to go to hpe.com and register your opinion — Louisville, Michigan, Syracuse or Wichita State. Let us know what you think.
Last week, in a pre-Sweet 16 opinion poll on our home page at hpe.com, we asked readers for their opinions on which team of the final 16 they thought would win the championship. In that poll, Duke was the runaway winner, capturing 49 percent of the votes. Louisville finished second with 27.5 percent of the votes. Also on the list, Kansas received 4.9 percent of the vote, Miami received 3.9 percent, Indiana won 2.9 percent and Ohio State garnered 1.9 percent. A category labeled “Other” received 9.9 percent of the vote. That “catch-all” category included the lower-seeded teams such as Syracuse (a fourth seed) and Wichita State (a ninth seed) that made it to The Final Four.
Although it’s no longer March, the “Madness” of NCAA hoops isn’t over yet. Go to hpe.com and click on your anticipated champ — and while there read other opinions, letters to the editor and news and sports stories, for which you also can add online comments.