Our View: It’s been said on hpe.com

Mar. 20, 2013 @ 02:58 AM

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On March 12, Carl Routh said in a Your View letter headlined “Facts show voter fraud isn’t a problem”:  No one claims there has never been a case of voter fraud. But it is so rare, statistics show only 86 cases over six years. That’s less than two cases per state! When it happens, we already have laws in place to prosecute it. We don’t need new laws whose true intent is to predetermine the outcome of our elections! ... Readers should understand Republicans are conjuring up a myth of rampant voter fraud as a cover story for laws intended to fix our elections.

In response:
TaxpayerOne: It will [be] impossible to say just how bad voter fraud [is] until we have positive ID at the polls. The idea that it isn’t happening, or only happening in small numbers, is impossible to say until and unless you have some means to identify such fraud. No such means currently exists. Photo IDs are currently required for almost any monetary exchange, you have to have one to get a library card. To buy a fishing license. To cash a check. The idea that having to have a photo ID in order to vote is going to disenfranchise or create undue hardship on anyone is absurd.

JMB1950: The woman in Cincinnati voted six times and she was a poll worker. To say that is not voter fraud and is human error is absurd. Voting is a precious right in this country and it needs to be protected from fraud, illegals voting and dead people voting. Voter ID laws won’t stop it all but it will help. Our military was not allowed to vote in the last election, but it seems OK that illegals voted. Liberals never cease to amaze me that the laws are not meant to be followed.

Jill Gardner Lambert:  In my opinion the only reason to not support a voter ID system is to want voter fraud. What is the problem with providing an ID? As someone else has said, you must provide a photo ID for most things in our world today, including, but not limited to, getting a job, a bank account, a library card, cashing a check, renting an apartment, going to the doctor, etc. This whole outcry against voter IDs is more than absurd, it’s clearly insane. How about Carl Routh go and attempt to open up a bank account, or getting new car insurance WITHOUT showing a photo ID? Then he can come back here and report his response.

Gunner: Mr. Routh knows well that at certain polling places, the various types of fraud may not only be winked at, but endorsed, as we saw in Greensboro this very last election, and in several places in the state. Funny how this particular travesty seems to usually be a left party tactic, but seldom does the truth enter their best stories anyway.