Chuck Bino: Do it for our children

Feb. 03, 2013 @ 03:44 AM

When our president appeared on the media Jan. 16, surrounded by children, I remember feeling two reactions. The first was outrage that he would shamelessly use these innocents to help promote a political agenda under the guise of preventing more carnage; the second, a realization that this was an excellent tactic to influence both public opinion and legislative resolve.
The media loved it. It is imperative that we get the media on our sides to promote anything with societal or political consequences. So, I thought to share some ideas with you on how we can get Congress to focus and cooperate on our debt and faltering economy.
Consider sending the following to your Congressperson with a picture of your children:

This is to ask that you and some of your congressional colleagues create a public service video to address a long-term threat to all of our children’s futures.  That is our unwieldy national debt, something which you seem unable to address, no less propose feasible solutions.  Some economists believe it is more imminent in the short-term than previously expected.  This video is expected and hoped to convince the other 500+ members to act, as well as get their constituency aroused.
Your immediate goal is a plea to guarantee the “safety of their futures.”   You may even read some of their letters asking for help.  Don’t you agree that “doing something for the kids,” as recently proposed by President Obama and the gun control interests, is a grand idea?  Following this video, a bill can be presented in Congress to solve the problem. Please consider “banning” excessive spending and unserviceable deficits.
It would be most effective and emotion-charged if you gathered around you several school-aged children.  You could show the inclusiveness of this threat by inviting them from all walks of life, perhaps from depressed inner cities, immigrant children, maybe even your own grandkids.  Although as members of that wealthy 1 percent demographic, you may have no tangible concerns about your own children’s futures.
It can cost little or nothing to produce, with the numerous friends this administration enjoys in Hollywood and public television.  Furthermore, the media is always looking for “heart-string tugging” themes. 
In a suggested script, you may wish to include something about finally “seeing the light.” That our president had it correct when stating in his speech on Dec. 19, days after the Newtown tragedy,  “if cooperation and common sense prevail, then I’m convinced we can make a sensible, intelligent way to make the United States of America a safer, stronger place for our children to learn and to grow.” And then, from the announcement of his gun control recommendations Jan. 16, ... “a complicated challenge, protecting our children from harm shouldn’t be a divisive one.”
Could the president’s words only relate to our children’s physical safety within our declared rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?” How can we consider these separately? Life without their liberty and their pursuits would be unbearable to me and them.
I can foresee only loss of their liberty through inherited, monstrous debt, pursuits for scarce jobs, continuous dependency on government, inflation, and reduced living standards because we’ve forced businesses to go elsewhere. Please do the right thing for all of us.
(your signature)

Your writing to them may not be enough. Lastly, consider sending these folks a shorthand written note from your child:

Dear _____: Thanks for caring about my life at school. Please save my future liberties and pursuits of my happiness, too.
Thanks (enclosed-a photo)

Chuck Bino lives in High Point with his wife, Sue, after technical and management careers in manufacturing and retail. Representations of fact and opinions are solely those of the author.