Mike Hughes: Obama: hit ’em where it hurts

Mar. 23, 2013 @ 08:42 PM

It’s a simple fact that an across the board cut of a few percent of the federal budget would have very little effect on anything. This is especially true given the fact that federal spending has risen by more than 35 percent since liberal Democrats took control of Congress in 2007. But President Obama and his cronies put so much effort into sequester scare-mongering that they had to ensure there would be an effect.
Never let a crisis go to waste. If you don’t have a crisis, make one.
How did they create this crisis? The only way a small spending cut can be felt is if that cut is intentionally directed to where it hurts. When Obama cried wolf about across the board cuts, Republicans proposed that the cuts should be directed in a responsible manner so that spending is reduced without placing an undue burden on citizens. But that would have required budget decisions to be made in public, and that’s the last thing Obama would ever want.
In a move that would make Joe Stalin proud, Obama rejected the proposal for directed cuts — and then proceeded to direct the cuts anyway, behind closed doors as usual. The Obama administration has intentionally directed the sequester cuts in a manner so that they will inflict as much pain as possible on the American public while protecting liberal special interests.
Tours of the White House were cut by 100 percent, not 2 percent. Military tuition assistance programs were cut. Over 2,000 illegal aliens were released from jails throughout the country. When federal employees suggested taking steps that would reduce the negative effects of the cuts, the Obama administration rebuked their ideas. One Internal email stated, “However you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.”
Mob thugs say that you don’t have to pay protection money, but if you don’t, “We can’t be responsible for what might happen to you.” Likewise, Obama administration officials have said it would be “awfully, awfully tough” to prevent terrorist attacks, airport security lines will grow, meat won’t be safe, vaccines will be scarce and hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost.
Yet while the Obama administration is trying to inflict maximum pain on American citizens, anti-American groups like the Muslim Brotherhood need not worry about receiving hundreds of millions of American tax dollars. Here at home we’re forcing our military to use expensive and scarce “alternative fuels” instead of cheap and widely available fossil fuels, and we’ve paid millions for “cultural sensitivity training” in which government employees were directed to chant, “The pilgrims were illegal aliens.”
In a recent letter to the Enterprise, it was said that if we can’t afford to have tours of the White House then we can’t afford to let the president live there either. We can afford both, but any president that would intentionally inflict pain on the American public doesn’t deserve to live there.
Remember, these are the same people who want to control your health care and the nation’s economy. They care nothing about your life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

Mike Hughes is a Navy veteran who lives in High Point. His column appears here every other Sunday. To comment, visit www.hpe.com and click on local commentary. E-mail  him at mrmike27282@gmail.com. Representations of fact and opinions are solely those of the author.