Armstrong Williams: Beware of the secret grab for power

Dec. 05, 2012 @ 06:54 PM

We should turn our attention again to the Middle East but not necessarily Israel and the Palestinians.  We should focus on Egypt where the people have decided that they will not tolerate a power grab by President Mohammed Morsi disguised as maintaining order.
President Morsi is trying to change the fundamental structure of their government and become a dictator for life.  We too are experiencing a test to fundamentally change our government and the sad news is that an overwhelming number of Americans are still asleep at the wheel. 
We have a president who appoints czars in great numbers , who have no responsibility to the other branches of government as our Constitution has mandated.  Our president continues to use fancy legal meandering to avert oversight by the other branches of government to exert his will on “We the People.”
In times past, our system would not have allowed this because a responsible media would have highlighted it in such a fashion that the protest would be deafening, as we are witnessing now in Egypt.  With no responsible media and a power hungry administration hell bent on changing the nation,  we face a severe challenge in maintaining the American way of life.

Murder in the first degree
There has been much media attention focused on the murder/suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs defensive player Jovan Belcher. Although it is tragic when any two people lose their lives, it should be remembered that what occurred was cold-blooded-murder.  That would be the case if it were committed by a bum on the street, a political figure, or a well-paid athlete. 
We’re certainly not implying that Belcher didn’t have severe psychological problems, but virtually every murderer has severe psychological problems.  This is why they eventually become murderers and certainly doesn’t excuse the behavior.
If so much attention is going to be given to this case, at least half of it should be focusing on the intelligent young woman who lost her life and that her 3-month-old baby is left motherless.  They are certainly more so the victim than the estranged boyfriend/father. 
During one of the NFL programs, one of the commentators used the incident to call for gun control.  The issue has nothing to do with gun control and has everything to do with self-control.  Guns do not kill people, people kill people with guns.  We all need to spend more time concentrating on what the real issues are, not only in this story, but the many stories that are brought to our attention by a media more focused on sensation than truth.

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