Letter to the editor: My new friends were heaven sent

Mar. 16, 2014 @ 04:00 AM

On Sunday, March 9 as I was working in my front yard trying to clean up from the fallen trees and debris the last snow, ice, sleet storm left behind, a couple of heaven-sent new friends stopped by to help me.

Needless to say, my story is the same as many in our area and I quite sure others just like me have had some very nice people stop by to offer help.

This is my story.

Over the past few years when I would be in my yard working, a gentleman in a black Camry would always throw up his hand to wave as he passed by my home. I figured he must work in a local office in the area and I grew to always welcome his passing by.

On Sunday, several people would stop and ask me if I had power in hopes when they returned to their home they too would have power. So when this black Camry pulled into my driveway I just assumed they were going to ask the same thing.

Low and behold, Mark and Donna got out of their car and said they were here to help me clean up my front yard! I stood there in such a shock and amazement and to this very day I still cannot believe they did this. So, for the next three to four hours, the three of us moved limbs and tree trunks to the edge of my yard for the pick up of debris by the city. They did not ask for anything, as I offered, they just stated many times as they have passed by my home they have seen me working in my yard and simply felt badly for me that my once beautiful yard is now a big mess.

Pulling limb after limb we talked about lots of things and I now truly feel I have a couple of new friends that were heaven sent!

I must also mention my Lumberjack Max Bouldin who has spent many days sawing trees down, stacking wood and reassuring me this too shall pass. Max has taken off a few days from work to try and help me clean up this mess and I am very grateful to and for him.

Again, to Mark, Donna and Max I want to thank you all very much for the kindness you have shown to me.