Starting school in style

Eager students greeted at new Allen Jay Preparatory Academy
Aug. 07, 2013 @ 06:57 PM

Donning sunglasses, they strode down a red carpet lined with chained rope, behind which cameras were rolling.
Wednesday was the first day for the new Allen Jay Middle School Preparatory Academy. The academy, a new magnet school this year, accepted 110 fifth-graders for its first class.
Following the Hollywood-style entrance, students attended a rally, where they were sorted into one of four “houses” by spinning a wheel, a process similar to the one in the Harry Potter series.
“Some folks said, ‘These kids may think school is starting tomorrow because they’re having so much fun,’” said Superintendent Mo Green, who attended the festivities.
The school will utilize high-energy styles of learning to promote leadership and prepare students for college. Green said this style will include music throughout the day, stations that students move between, and positive re-enforcement among students themselves rather than just from teachers.
The magnet school began its year at Welborn Academy, where it is temporarily located while renovations continue at Allen Jay.
Nearly 2,500 Guilford County Schools students started on Wednesday, including those at Johnson Street Global Studies, another magnet school.
The traditional school year for Guilford County Schools begins on Aug. 26.