Coble to Congress: ‘Hold my salary’

Oct. 09, 2013 @ 07:18 PM

U.S. Rep. Howard Coble, R-6th District, has requested that his congressional salary be withheld during the government shutdown and said he will donate the money to charity.
Coble also announced on Wednesday that he is returning to North Carolina tonight to attend several annual events this weekend.
“I had stated earlier that because I was working, I would accept my salary,” Coble said. “Since I plan to return to the 6th District this weekend and will miss votes in the House on Friday and Saturday, I could no longer defend that position. So, I have sent a letter to the chief administrative officer of the U.S. House requesting that my paycheck be withheld. Constitutionally, as a member of Congress, I cannot refuse to receive my salary, but I can request that it be held during this lapse in government appropriations. Once the shutdown ends, I will make contributions to some of my favorite charities equal to the number of days that the government is not fully open.”
Coble said he cleared his absence with the House leadership and was given permission to head home.
“I told the Speaker’s team that I would be ready to return at a moment’s notice if a break in the logjam occurs,” Coble said. “If nothing changes over the weekend, I plan to return early next week to continue our efforts to find a solution to the lapse in government appropriations and to deal with the upcoming debt ceiling fight.”