Principal makes good on messy promise

Feb. 21, 2013 @ 12:53 PM

The students at Southwest Elementary School were on edge waiting for slime time for their principal Brian Muller.
Students booed and hissed when buckets of shredded paper marked “slime” were emptied over his head.
“I’ve got a few meetings to go to this afternoon ...,” he started to say as an excuse as two PTA volunteers poured buckets of actual slime on him in mid-sentence.
A promise is a promise, and Muller promised he would get slimed if Southwest raised $18,000 from the Scholastic Book Fair. The school surpassed that goal, raising $20,577.
“We had a slime meter the past couple weeks at the book fair,” Muller said. “The students have been talking about it. They’re excited about reading. They’re excited about books, and this is just a celebration of reading, which is really what the main goal is.”
This is Muller’s first year at Southwest, and parents said he’s a great fit.
“It’s fun because the kids know that their principal loves to read, too, and he’s on their level,” Muller said. “Anytime you do something alongside someone else, they put a lot more value in what you’re doing. If it’s important to me and to the teachers, then it should be important to them as well.”
Dressed in a lab suit topped with goggles, Muller said the slime brought the laboratory theme all together.
“The book fair had a laboratory theme,” he said. “With the book fair kit, they send stuff to decorate, and there were little images of slime to put on the bookshelves, and we thought it was appropriate to continue that theme.”
“I’m glad that kids are excited about buying books and to have that love and thirst for reading and to have a little fun along the way.” | 888-3617


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