Condo planned for Uptowne

Feb. 18, 2013 @ 08:36 PM

The City Council on Monday approved a text amendment and rezoning request from a High Point developer that will allow construction of two four-story condominium buildings Uptowne.
David Riedlinger plans to develop the project on 0.64 acres at 205 and 207 W. Lexington Ave. between Long Street and Rotary Drive. Council voted 6-3 to change the parcels’ classification from conditional use-limited office district and residential single family to Planned Unit Development-Limited District.
Council members Jason Ewing, Judy Mendenhall and Becky Smothers opposed the requests.
“This is really exactly the type of development the core city plan calls for,” said Councilman Jay Wagner. “Since the beginning of the core city plan, we heard from the city government, ‘We’re waiting for the private sector to step up.’ This is the private sector stepping up.”
Riedlinger included several conditions in his proposal to address the concerns of neighbors on Hillcrest Drive behind the site. The buildings, which are planned to be up to 50 feet in height and house three units each, must be set back 85 feet from the rear of the property and 34 feet from the center of W. Lexington Avenue.
The project must also include a 30-foot planting yard with 100 percent evergreen trees and an eight-foot fence along the back property line.
It will include a stormwater collection device, but neighbors said they were still concerned about runoff from the site to their homes. They also raised concerns that the project could hurt their property values and could pose noise and lighting issues.
Smothers said she thinks the site is too small for a project of this scale.
Mendenhall pointed out that the rezoning council approved does not tie Riedlinger to building condos on the site, but could theoretically allow a 50-foot office building.
She and other opponents made clear they weren’t questioning that Riedlinger plans to build anything other than what was proposed. He was praised by the council as a first-rate developer whose past projects include the Time Square shops and offices at W. Lexington Avenue and N. Main Street.
Riedlinger said he expects the units to sell for $250,000 to $300,000 each. Architectural drawings shown to the council show balconies for each unit aand a “roof garden” on top of both buildings.
“These are going to be first-class,” he said.|888-3531