Keep runnin'

Apr. 18, 2013 @ 08:10 AM

One of Mike Vance’s goals has been to take part in the most iconic American long-distance race, the Boston Marathon.
The horrific violence carried out at the event Monday hasn’t deterred the 28-year-old runner’s desire to complete the marathon in and around the New England city. It’s just made him more determined to run either next year or in 2015.
“I’m originally from Connecticut, and my brother lives in Boston,” said Vance, who works at a running store in High Point. “I’ve got a lot of friends up there. And we can’t let them stop us from doing what we love. I was going to do it anyway, but this gives more meaning to it.”
On Monday, Vance and his fellow runners here spent the afternoon getting in touch with friends who took part in the Boston Marathon. All of the people whom Vance knows — both from the Triad and the Charlotte area where he recently lived — were OK.
“Monday afternoon was pretty hectic for us, trying to get in touch with everyone and make sure they are safe,” he said. “I knew about 50 or so people who were up there. It hits home harder.”
Vance was among a group of local runners who took part in a run Wednesday night in north High Point to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, which killed three people and left upward of 175 injured. The race took place through Off N’ Runnin, the store in Palladium Commons where Vance works as a sales associate.
The runners covered 2.62 miles, symbolic of the 26.2-mile distance that athletes complete in a marathon. Vance told The High Point Enterprise that similar runs of 2.62 miles are taking place across the country this week to honor those killed and injured in Boston.
“We wanted to have something in honor of the runners up there,” Vance said. “We want to remind people that we need to keep on running.” | 888-3528