Consumers have until today to be part of flat-screen settlement

Dec. 06, 2012 @ 12:19 AM

Local buyers of electronic products who bought LCD flat screen TVs, monitors and laptops during a seven-year period have until midnight tonight to register for part of a $1 billion settlement covering 24 states.
The settlement fund stems from a case with 10 manufacturers of flat panels who were accused of collaborating to raise or fix the price of LCD screens used in televisions, monitors and laptop computers. A settlement of the case was approved this past July.
According to the legal counsel for the plaintiffs in the class action case, individual consumers could receive $25 to more than $200, depending on the number of items purchased. Businesses potentially could recoup several thousand dollars.
An online claim form is available at The claim is for LCD flat screens purchased from 1999-2006.
“Consumers and businesses can get a considerable amount of money as a result of this settlement,” said Joseph Alioto, an attorney for the plaintiffs.
North Carolina is among the states in which consumers and businesses may file claims.
The brands covered in the settlement are: AU Optronics Corp, Hitachi Ltd., Sharp Corp., Toshiba Corp., Samsung Electronics Corp., Epson Imaging Devices Corp., LG Electronics, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, HannStar Display Corp. and Chi Mei Optoelectronics.
Individual consumers don’t need to provide receipts, but businesses may have to do so depending on the size of the purchase, said a spokesman representing the plaintiffs. People whose claims are approved should receive checks in the mail within the next several weeks, the spokesman said. | 888-3528