City sees familiar signs of coming market

Oct. 17, 2013 @ 05:28 PM

Notice a slightly longer wait at your favorite restaurant, or a few more out-of-state license plates than usual?
You guessed it, it’s market time.
Although the High Point Market officially doesn’t start until Saturday, crowds of buyers, exhibitors and other attendees already have made their way to the Furniture Capital of the World.
Freida Espinosa, owner of new Southwest restaurant Maize Cantina, said she’s excited about her first market.
“It’s picked up businesswise,” she said. “The buzz has spread because it’s new. We’ve had a lot of people being sent over from people working at market. We’ve seen a lot of new faces, all from out of town, and it’s been great. We’ve already seen some repeats, and we’re excited about that as well.”
High Point University students Kayla Kucerik, Jourdan Sullivan, Alexandra Trenary, Susannah Murphy and Becca Rowan also are excited about their market debuts on Sunday with rugs they designed for Abu Rugs.
Abu Khan, owner of Abu Rugs in Jamestown, gave five HPU interior design majors the opportunity to design rugs that he then produced for them. Two rugs – one a collaborative project between four students and one designed by a single student – were put into production and will be unveiled at the Abu Rugs showroom during the High Point Market.
“Being able to immerse ourselves into this very rewarding experience was invaluable,” says Alexandra Trenary, part of the four-person design team. “We learned so much along the way building off what we have learned at HPU, and we can now say that we are full-fledged rug designers.”
The market officially begins Saturday and runs through Thursday, Oct. 20. | 888-3617