Students study arts during summer break

Jul. 15, 2013 @ 05:54 PM

Clicks and beeps emit from the mouths of dance students on stage, imitating the sounds and robotic moves of a machine.
The Summer Arts Institute is spending a week at Penn-Griffin School for the Arts, teaching children about the arts and incorporating them into what the students learn during the school year.
This week is the second week of the Arts Immersion Week. Students get intensive instruction in band, orchestra, chorus, dance, theater and visual art.
Kerri King, a dance instructor for the Institute, said that this year the focus is STEAM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.
“We’re looking at how arts relate to the subjects they are studying in school,” King said. “Hopefully it’ll connect when they get in science class and say ‘hey, we studied momentum and physics in the summer dance class!’ ”
Students are nominated for the summer enrichment program by their teachers when they show interests in the arts at schools throughout the county that may not have particular arts programs.
Nearly 500 students between grades 4-10 are participating in Arts Immersion Week at Penn-Griffin.
Andrew Corbin, administrator of the Summer Arts Institute, said the students are recommended for a major and choose a minor to do more exploratory work in other arts. In addition to the immersion camp, the Institute also hosts a guitar and piano camp called “6 Strings and 88 Keys” and Stages of Learning, which allows children to learn about acting, choreography, directing, producing and stage management.
“(Superintendent) Maurice Green is a huge proponent of the arts,” Corbin said. “The arts develop critical thinking and they engage that part of the brain. They open up a different way of thinking.”
On Thursday, students from the immersion camp will present their work at the High Point Theatre with a gallery walk for the visual art students at 6:15 p.m. and performances from the theater, orchestra, dance, chorus and band students at 7 p.m.|888-3617