Show the teachers some love

May. 06, 2013 @ 05:47 PM

Teachers do an amazing service to educate the kids throughout the county. This week, National Teacher Appreciation Week, parents and students can show their appreciation with small tokens to let them know you care.
These tokens don’t have to be costly, just a little bit of love. To get the juices flowing, here are some suggestions for your student’s teachers.
•Today, bring some class-specific school supplies so your teacher can keep her classroom stocked with exactly what his/her students need.
•Wednesday, bring your teacher a snack; his or her favorite bag of chips, a soda or keep it old school and bring them an apple.
•Thursday, have your student write his or her teacher a note telling them how appreciated they are. If possible, use some vocabulary words your student has learned in the class. Teachers love that stuff.
•Friday, come up with something special for your teacher; A gift card for her favorite restaurant or shopping place, flowers or a handmade craft.
Today, which is National Teacher’s Appreciation Day, is not only a day for students to recognize their current teachers but for former students to recognize teachers that had an impact on their life.
According to a survey done by Kars for Kids, a nonprofit that uses funds raised by tax-eligible car donations for educational programming around the country, 80 percent of adults recognize that their work ethic, time spent as a community volunteer and career choice was a direct result of teachers who inspired them in the classroom.
Nearly 80 percent of U.S. adults had an out-of-classroom experience with their teacher enhancing their learning. Just slightly more than 60 percent believe that teacher taught them skills outside of the standard curriculum.
Even if you just give them a hug, let the teachers in your life know they are appreciated.|888-3617