Archdale ends agreement with Guilford County

Nov. 29, 2012 @ 05:17 PM

The city of Archdale will soon receive a hefty reimbursement from neighboring Guilford County.
At its recent meeting, Archdale City Council unanimously approved a decision to dissolve the city’s water and sewer agreement with Guilford County. The motion was made by Councilman Larry Warlick and seconded by Councilman Roger Blackwell.
According to city records, Guilford County was interested in dissolving the Archdale/Guilford County Water and Sewer Agreement. The reasoning was that the agreement has had little activity over the past 10 years and the trust fund does not have sufficient balance to fund new projects.
“There were limited resources left to do any significant size projects so they (Guilford County) asked if we would take it to council so they could dissolve the agreement,” said City Manager Jerry Yarborough. “It is not that the need may not be there but there just is not enough money to address it.”
The agreement can be terminated by mutual consent of both parties if given a six-months notice. In the event of termination, the contract states that any funds remaining in the trust fund will be transferred to the city. According to the county, there is approximately $130,000 remaining in the trust fund.
“The money will come back to the city, but we do not know yet what the conditions are on the spending of the money,” Yarborough said.
The Coe Place water and sewer project was the only project funded in Archdale through this agreement. Archdale bills Coe Place residents outside of the city’s water and sewer rates. The city, in turn, remits a fourth of the revenue collected to the county in efforts to replenish the trust fund.
In other business, council approved the reappointments of Cheri Gray and Bernice Malcom to the Community Appearance Commission. Both Gray and Malcom expressed interest in serving another term and requested reappointment. Their terms were set to expire in December. | 888-3657